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WhatsApp may get to PIP video calls feature as soon as possible

The messaging application of Whatsapp which is accessible through the handheld devices to communicate with the other people is establishing the new more features with it. There are so many indispensable rules and regulations are available in this mobile application to be in a contact with people. Currently, the Picture-In-Picture mode has been implemented for having a video call.In the Android version of Whatsapp, there is an availability of some more advanced and admirable features to achieve the desired task towards the online conversation. It made the video call in a more convenient manner and also this special feature is working similar to the television where the double screen can be in an action at the same time. For the direct and satisfied conversation, the people prefer the video call through online.

The developers are effectively adding some additional and advanced features with the particular mobile application to improve its standard and strategy. Most of the Whatsapp users are looking for the efficient way to chat with other people through online. The picture-in-picture mode feature on the Whatsapp’s video call is making the conversation even in a better way. In this popular instant messaging mobile application, we can send the text messages, multi media messages, and GIF animated videos too through the help of an online connection. The user should maintain the predefined functions which are controlled by the certain options. Dramatically the performance of an advanced feature is increasing and decreasing depends upon the tasks which are demanded by the user.

Whatsapp is first mobile application which performs the multitasking at the Smartphone platform. The people can access the number of platforms which are supporting to activate the desired task towards the online conversation. Video calling feature is basically requiring the data and opponent user’s contact number to be in a contact with.
In the forthcoming generation, there will be so many implementations and the modifications will be arriving with the respected mobile application which is used to have an online conversation. While having a video call on the beta version of Whatsapp, there are no more restrictions to access the benefits through the corresponding options.

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