Short Films

Any motion picture which is not long enough, to be called a feature film, is called a short film. This was the general definition of a short film, but, AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) defines it as, “an original motion picture which runs for 40 minutes or less, including the credits is a short film”. Short Films are made by independent filmmakers for non-profitable reasons; it is shot with no budget or low budget or is sometimes funded by non-profitable organizations, film grants or personal funds; and they are screened in local, national or international film festivals. They are actually used by filmmakers to prove their talent, gain experience and get funds for future films from entertainment companies, film studios or private investors. In the process of making a short film, some things are done and some rules are to be followed. It is important to keep the practicalities of writing in our mind, as they help us to imagine and plan shoots accordingly. Beware of clichés, yes you need to avoid the clichés as much as possible. Clichés kill the suspense or interesting factor and make it boring to watch, as we need to engage the watcher or viewer we need to keep as short as possible.
Short Film NameYear Of ReleaseRatingsGenre
Geri's Game19979.4Animation
Thunder Road20169.2Drama
For the Birds20009.1Comedy
Partly Cloudy20099Fantasy
Dear Basketball20178Animation