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FB fined $120 million by EU for misleading information

In 2016, there was an update made by WhatsApp with its privacy policy. It read in as WhatsApp will be sharing user information with Facebook. This one update from WhatsApp brought in different kinds of reactions from the users across the world.

The EU Merger Regulation clearly says that the merging companies should provide correct & accurate information. When the regulators were investigating the sharing of information between FB and WhatsApp they found out that there was a possibility of having automatic access to user accounts from FB to WhatsApp.

Facebook was acquired WhatsApp in 2014 and it is said that it has followed all the rules and regulations of the Commission. Unfortunately, the regulators of the EU Commission were able to figure out the loophole which the company had. When the merger was made the company had failed to provide the right information.

The spokesperson stated that it was not intentionally done and in fact, it was accidental for the company to have it go unnoticed. According to the regulation, if the company gives misleading information, they are supposed to pay 1% of the total turnover to the EU Commission.

This led to being charged with a fine of $120 million by the EU Commission to provide misleading information. The company is in talks with the Commission for allowing them to share user information with FB. It is not just Europe, even other countries talks are going on for the providing access to the user information without affecting their privacy. Fingers crossed!!!

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