A non-fictional motion picture, which is made to document some aspects of reality, mainly for instruction, education or maintenance of historical record is called a documentary. Mostly, these documentaries were captured using film stock as it was the only medium available, but, nowadays, including video and digital productions, that can directly be converted into video, made as a TV show or can be released in cinemas. It is described as a cinematic tradition or filmmaking practice, which is very important and has nearly no boundaries. Back in the days, the documentaries were not so preferred movies as they were only shown as newsreels, but, recently, the field of the documentary has evolved, and the audience has also evolved. The cinema verité style which was introduced in the 1960s has expanded the nature of the documentaries. And this change is because of the usage of portable camera and sound equipment which creates an intimate relationship between the audience and the filmmaker. The present documentary directors have become creative in bringing the audience, telling them the story in an interesting way and also successfully having their own audience. Box office analysts also have noticed and reported an increase in the success of these documentaries.
Documentary NameYearRatingGenre
The Cove20099.9Documentary
The Perfect Vagina20089.8Documentary
Children Full of Life20039.7Documentary
Man on Wire20089.6Documentary
The Fog of War20039.5Documentary
The Act of Killing2012
Grizzly Man20059.3Documentary
The Fog of War20039.2Documentary
Bowling for Columbine20029.1Documentary
Capturing the Friedmans20039.0Documentary