Among all the genres, horror has more people following it as the other genres lose relevancy after a point but, horror is always relevant because horror’s main cause and the effect is fear. Until a person has fear in his/her heart, the person can enjoy a horror movie but, this impact isn’t noticed with any other genre. This movie, ‘The Beast’ also had a similar impact on people, as it is also a horror movie which was released in the year, 2006. The impact it had on people was measured by the chills and the cries which were noticed at the end of the movie. It had such an impact on the people, who watched this movie, then in 2006, want to watch it now, again. The direction, cinematography, editing, and acting made the movie better by giving life to the characters and story written by the writer. The plot was very well written that this story actually can’t be put into words and if you try, every word that comes out is a spoiler. But, luckily, the plot has so many layers even after knowing the spoilers the movie watching experience of the viewer is complete.

Movie NameYearRatingGenre
Predator19879.8Action Horror
Dog Soldiers20029.7Action Horror
The Purge20169.5Action Horror
World War Z 20139.5Action Horror
Train to Busan20169.4Action Horror
Blade19989.4Action Horror
Aliens19869.3Action Horror
Planet Terror20079.2Action Horror
Cloverfield20089.1Action Horror
Why do people watch horror-films?

We all know that horror movies are scary, and sometimes that impact our lives, at least for a while. Even after knowing that, we watch them because we like getting frightened and we enjoy it but, we won’t watch it twice. Yes, it sounds funny and foolish now but, we have that feeling in us. And if you notice keenly, many among us want to watch a horror movie or get frightened only once, and that is because we choose to do it. This is mainly true for people who watch horror movies only in cinema hall because they want, enjoy and are entertained by the effects the horror movies have. Most of the horror movies have the same common problem with the bad guy gets it finally. The images and the footages may have been disturbing to many people even though they watch them as we, the people, have an ability to care as more or as less you want to about an issue which helps them to know the horror movie’s effect on them, emotionally and otherwise. There is one more reason that people like horror films, and that is “Unlike other genres, horror is relevant all the time to every person.”



Why And How Horror Films Are Still Relevant?

Like, there are different types of people, there are different genres in movies; one such genre is horror. As fear is relevant to every human, at every point of time, horror-films are relevant too and that’s the reason, those films become old but never become irrelevant. If you don’t believe switch on your TV and tune to any movie time channel at night, they play old horror movies, some, which have become funny, after some years but, there are many movies that are still scary, and those movies are called evergreen horror movies. Let’s accept the fact all horror movies are not evergreen, but, all evergreen horror movies are still scary on Understanding this theory has helped some producers to only invest in horror because horror is one such field, where if you invest at the right time, it is profitable with profits way higher than a basic super hit film and the reason that horror-films come in parts of a series which go very well, both, content-wise and profit wise. Even today people watch old horror movies and refer to it as a cult classic film. So, these are the reasons why and how horror films are still relevant.


Action Horror

Action Horror is a subgenre of horror where the fights and chases of action are mixed with the ghosts and blood-seeking horror. A typical action horror movie consists of demons, aliens, vampires, and zombies. Examples of action horror are Predator, Blade, Resident Evil, etc.

Found Footage Horror

Found Footage Horror is a film technique and subgenre of horror where the audience sees and are involved in a first-person view that is noticed and discovered from an original recording source within the plot. This subgenre breaks the wall and makes the audience feel the character’s feeling like suspense, bafflement, shock, and fear. Examples for this subgenre are Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity and Devil’s Due.

Comedy Horror

Comedy Horror is a subgenre of horror where the jokes and punches of comedy are crossed over with the horror. A typical comedy horror consists more of black comedy and is occasionally are horror movies with a low rating and are specially made for the family audience. Examples of comedy horror are Teeth, Zombieland, etc. for the black comedy types and Ghostbusters is an example for the horror movies targeted for a family audience.

Subgenres of horror

As said before, horror has got relevancy which no other genre has got but, that is because of its subgenres. As there many subgenres, here are only some most common and important subgenres of horror.


Cyber Horror

Cyber Horror is a horror-subgenre where the narrative and the key plot is related and utilizes Computer and Technology. A typical cyber horror movie uses the computer or the technology to show the audience the presence of the ghost. Examples of such movies are Unfriended, Friend Request and The Den.

Horror Drama

Horror Drama is a subgenre of horror which mixes the emotions of drama with the scary horror. A typical horror drama consists of characters dealing with emotional issues, and personal relations with a scary horror backdrop. Examples of horror drama movies are It, Lights Out, Audition, The Sixth Sense and Mama.


Holiday Horror

Holiday Horror is horror-subgenre where the whole plot, which includes scary moments and chases take place during the holiday season. Typical Holiday Horror Film consists of a psychopath or psycho-killer stalks and tries to kill a sequence of victims very violently. Mostly, in all holiday horrors, the story is set during Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving or Fools’ Day. Examples for this subgenre of horror films are Silent Night, Home Sweet Home, Deadly Night, Valentine and Trick ‘r Treat.

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